Flavors with a View!

The 360 Degree Restaurant is a much sought-after and unique destination in the heart of Pune City. Ushering in the concept of a completely revolving restaurant, this is one place that appeals to all your senses. Tantalizing drinks, aromatic food, great music, unmatched view …name it, and it’s here!

Situated at Deccan, the restaurant is a boon for city folk as it is the only ‘one of its kinds’ offering within city limits. No need to travel through dense traffic or to navigate around the whole city to reach a place that is worth visiting. With it’s very own Valet Parking, the restaurant is known for it’s high standards of hospitality and customer-friendly guidelines.

The 360 Degree Restaurant is a popular choice owing to its contemporary ambiance and a perfect mix of choice to suit every preference – The Lounge - for those who want a taste of an uber cool club; The Vegetarian - for those who want a relaxing vegetarian meal with dear ones; The Revolving Fine Dine - for those who want to dine in style; and The Roof Top - for a memorable meal under the sky!

The 360 Degree is therefore, not just any restaurant. It is a concept restaurant with it’s very own signature style and fan following. It is that place where you WANT to be!